no.224 | A Weatherly Wreathed Wind

This week we are back on the porch! Recorded on a blustery day, this tune is spacious and melodic. Many thanks to those who participated and came out to support VAST IS THE SEAS, PSO's first ever curated series of live performances and presnetations of artists exploring the interconnections among IMAGE + SOUND + SITE, at Co-Lab Projects in Austin,Texas.

Scroll down to listen to interviews on on the PSO Podcast of all the participants.

You can hear Leslie Moody Castro's interview of your PSO conductor, Barry Stone, on Glasstire Tire's Art Dirt Podcast as well.

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Orchestra Players

Gregory Brooks, Bob Warner, Emily Scarlet Kramer, Rainey Knudson, Ryan Lauderdale, Tamara Gonzales, Katy Chrisler, Gibson + Recoder, Paul Stautinger, Sarah Hennies, Eric Zimmerman, Matt Bauer, Sandy Carson, Ryan Rhodes, Rebecca Marino, Shannon Spurgeon, Aaron Winslow, Ivy Stone, Mark Menjivar, Gavin Watts, Ryan Sprott, Brad Tucker, Caleb Churchill, John Hunt, Audra Wolowiec, Lauren Grant, Bill McCullough, Henry Smith Anthony Francis, Xavier Gilmore, Ana Treviño, Ariana Gomez Jessica Mallios, Thomas Hooper, SKLOSS, The Reformers,